Monday Morning

Pendine, Nearing Sunset, 10 Feb 2014
10 Feb 2014

One of the great things about being involved with property is that you don’t get so much of that Monday Morning feeling. Which, of course, is good.  More than good, in fact.

However, this week got off to a more, shall we say, challenging start. The Other Half manages all of our local rental properties (ie, the ones within a 20 mile radius), and first thing this morning he was met with a text from one tenant saying that he … ‘couldn’t pay the rent this month so that’s okay isn’t it?’

Erm …

Immediately into landlord mode, David was on the phone right away, before breakfast even, negotiating a part-payment for this month with the balance being met over the next couple of months.

The next issue came from another tenant whose boiler has been playing up. This needs an electrician (yes … electrician, not a plumber – long boring technical story), and David found himself caught between trying to negotiate when it might be convenient for the tenant for the electrician to call. Much to-ing, fro-ing and cursing ensued as he tried to match up their diaries. You might wonder why we didn’t put them in touch with each other, but David is a bit of a control freak when it comes to this sort of thing. A price to pay for everything, I suppose.

Next, we were due a visit from a surveyor at the property where we’re living at the moment, here on the coast. This is another very long story, perhaps for another day, but that long story has resulted in a need for a survey. We are awaiting the outcome with anticipation.

Meanwhile, while David is occupied with property practicalities, I have plunged into writing articles and editing some of the regular submissions for the next edition of Your Property Network. I was working on that over most of the weekend. Though the Monday Morning feeling is rare, it is not unusual to be working in some shape or form over the weekend.

I did pop down to the beach to see high tide during the storm on Sunday, though.

Pendine High Tide 1, 09 Feb 2014
09 Feb 2014
Pendine High Tide #1


Stormy High Tide, 09 Feb 2014
09 Feb 2014
Pendine Stormy High Tide

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