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Our main business is property, and this is where we talk about the day-to-day events that form part of our property (ad)ventures.

Landlord’s Nightmare – Update 1

As at early afternoon

Reports are being ‘phoned in by The Other Half.

Photographs haven’t come through yet, but I am told that the lounge was factory central with a hole having been punched into the ceiling for the ducting. The plants – around 40 or so – had been removed by the police during last night’s raid, but the pots left behind.

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A Landlord’s Nightmare

So much for a nice relaxing Bank Holiday weekend.

Getting back into work mode first thing this morning, The Other Half turned on his mobile phone to a message from the owner of a property on which we have a lease option. It was not good news. She had by chance gone past the house yesterday, found the door smashed in, and entered to find the place trashed. The words “cannabis factory” were uttered.

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