A Landlord’s Nightmare

So much for a nice relaxing Bank Holiday weekend.

Getting back into work mode first thing this morning, The Other Half turned on his mobile phone to a message from the owner of a property on which we have a lease option. It was not good news. She had by chance gone past the house yesterday, found the door smashed in, and entered to find the place trashed. The words “cannabis factory” were uttered.

Oh f …lipping heck.

The Other Half returned the call right away. She was of course – and very rightly – extremely worried. As were we. The police had been called and apparently arrests made yesterday evening.

I don’t know whether to be furious or daunted. If you are a regular reader of Your Property Network magazine, you might recognise this as the house which we used as our “pilot” for the LHA 2+2 strategy. You might even recall some of the challenges we’ve experienced with it over the last year.

The Other Half and Daughter (who is home for a few days over the Bank Holiday) have gone racing up to the property, which is about an hour’s drive away, collecting the key to said smashed door from the police on the way. As this house was fully managed by an agent, to say we’re not best pleased at the moment is one of the biggest understatements you’ll hear this year.

It is possible that the “cannabis factory” report may be exaggerated – somebody, somewhere along the line of people involved has said there were a few plants. I’m waiting for updates as this goes live.

Further reports and photographs will follow. I sit here, doing my best to get on with other stuff while waiting in anticipation – or more truthfully, trepidation – to discover the cost of this event. As yet I have no idea where we stand insurance-wise, or whether we’re looking at cosmetic work or structural. Whatever the cost, it’s something that we had not budgeted for. I’m too polite to state the words that are really going through my mind.

The Other Half has just called, asking me to stay on the line while he opens up. The door is jammed and won’t open. Next stop, locksmith.

More later as the reports come in …


4 thoughts on “A Landlord’s Nightmare”

  1. Jayne, so sorry to hear about this – especially given this is a supposedly managed property!

    Wish you lots of luck in getting through it:)

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