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West Coast View

Before the Storm
4 Feb 2014
Morning before the Storm

Living where we do on the Welsh coast, we have a rather good view of the sea, and get some rather spectacular sunrises, sunsets and seascapes in general. The trouble is, when you see it every day, and wake up to the view every most mornings, it’s easy to get a bit blasé and take it for granted. This morning, as the car got doused by yet another storm wave crashing over the sea wall as I drove past the seafront, it came to me that it might be sort of interesting (for me anyway, if not for anyone else) to keep a record of what it’s like to live and work in a remote-ish part of the country, about five minutes’ walk down the hill to the sea.

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Activity in the Welsh Property Market?

Thanks to property friend Vanessa Warwick of Property Tribes, I came across this article today about an increase in activity in Welsh property over the third quarter this year, specifically relating to home purchases.

Despite the increase, the figures are still down on a year ago, but I for one choose to interpret the information as good news. Nonetheless I shall be interested to dig deeper and find out more detail about the increased activity. Where the sales are happening, what types of properties are being sold, so on and so forth, the usual type of research and digging that is useful when making investment decisions.

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