David Owen

David Owen, Mozaique PropertyDavid (frequently referred to as The Other Half by Jayne) is a property investor and the portfolio manager at Mozaique Property.

He is a professional landlord and has been involved in many aspects of property since the early 2000’s, including estate agency, mortgage broking, lettings and property management. Before moving into property full-time, he was involved in financial and mortgage services for almost 30 years from self-employed to director level, when he had responsibility for around 100 staff. These days, he’s much happier just being responsible for the family business, though finds managing The Wife much more challenging.

He does all the number-crunching – the book-keeping, accounts, calculations, etc – raises finance for projects, project-manages building work on refurbishments and also manages most of the rental properties. Though Jayne does most of the talking online, he’s the one who does nearly all of the real work and most of the talking when we’re out and about in the real world.


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