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Life is full of challenges, big and small. This category is dedicated to the smaller ones encountered in day-to-day living.

Tinkering …

Forgive me folks, while I tinker around with the layout and appearance of the blog. I have been remiss of posts of late, and when I sat myself down to ask myself why was that, my squirming subconscious informed me that there were a few technical issues and challenges, which my lazy conscious has been avoiding.

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Monday Morning

Pendine, Nearing Sunset, 10 Feb 2014
10 Feb 2014

One of the great things about being involved with property is that you don’t get so much of that Monday Morning feeling. Which, of course, is good.  More than good, in fact.

However, this week got off to a more, shall we say, challenging start. The Other Half manages all of our local rental properties (ie, the ones within a 20 mile radius), and first thing this morning he was met with a text from one tenant saying that he … ‘couldn’t pay the rent this month so that’s okay isn’t it?’

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