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Learning from others’ experiences is good; learning from their lessons and mistakes is even better. We share some of the things that we have experienced, both good and bad, over the years and hope that it will help you along your journey.

Lesson #2: Work Things Out for Yourself

This is the second in the series of deeper insights into the lessons that I spoke of in the 10 Lessons in Property Learned the Hard Way post on Property Tribes in the January pop-up category, 31 Days of Property Inspiration.

A Dynamic Era …

We were still fairly young when David thought we might be on to something with property. By young, I mean late 20’s (me), early 30’s (him), certainly younger than we are now and young enough for any action we might have taken to have a major impact on our future.

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Lesson #1: Some Things are More Important than Money

I was delighted and honoured to be asked by Vanessa Warwick of Property Tribes to contribute to their January 2013 campaign “31 Days of Property Inspiration“. As part of my story, I spoke of ten lessons in property that David and I have learned over the years. There are probably a lot more than ten, but this is at least a starting point.

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