A Question of Priority

An email from a good friend landed in my inbox this morning that prompted me to explain a bit about priority. He had read the last two posts on this blog and raised a question that pointed to an inconsistency in what I was talking about. His question was:

So…if lesson 1 is that some things are more important than money, why is the 2013 resolution to break through the “income barrier”?

A very good point!

More Important than Money

Indeed I hold by my point in yesterday’s post that some things are more important than money. These are likely to differ for each person, but for me family, health and private space in my home top the list.

There are times when such matters, whatever they are for you, are top priority. Over the past few years, maintaining family life (during several moves), supporting Mother as she succumbed to the ravages of Alzheimer’s Disease and more recently taking action to improve my own health have all demanded immediate attention.

Putting money and income at the top of my personal priority list could have had a devastating impact on any or all of the above. So it is probably fair to say that I have paid more a little financially through reduced income as a result.

Breaking Through the Income Barrier

Over the past couple of months though, priorities have shifted.

Daughter has gone to study music at the RNCM; Mother still deteriorates but is very well cared for in a residential home; my health is under control. It doesn’t mean that any of these things are less important now than they were before, but rather that they require less time and energy input at the moment. So I now have space in my head and life to focus once again on income and matters financial.

As I mentioned in ‘2013 and Beyond‘, we have ticked along reasonably happily for a while at the same level of income. And with one eye on the above priorities, no matter what we have done, we have remained frustratingly ‘stuck’ at that level.

So breaking through the income barrier is something of a personal challenge now that the priorities have reshuffled. It’s a matter of personal development as well as income. For those of you who are into energies and woo-woo stuff, it’s about energetic alignment and opening to abundance. If you have your feet on the ground and poo-poo the woo-woo, then consider it this way – I’m damned determined to break through that barrier and make a change.

Future Lessons

In the email, he also said:

Looking forward to the lesson on running a restaurant.

This is in reference to the Con Passionata restaurant venture in which we were involved in the latter half of 2011 and first half of 2012. Many interesting lessons – patience, patience, they will come … ;) winking


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