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06 Feb 2014 Drab and Grey but Calm
06 Feb 2014
Drab and Grey but Calm

A rather busy day, as the focus turns to work on the latest edition of Your Property Network magazine. I am one of the writing and editing team, working with Anthony (Ant) Lyons (the editor) on getting content written and ready for artwork.

(I know I’m biased, but this magazine really is worth a read if you are involved in property investing in the UK. Sales pitch over!)

Working from Home

One of the wonderful things about working from home is the lack of commute. Even more wonderful these days is being able to talk or meet with someone over Skype or other video connection. The very small downside of working from home is that you can get welded to the desk and chair sometimes, and don’t get out enough. It can be difficult to switch off from work at times too, particularly if you work with your partner, as is the case in our household. Over the years, we have adopted a policy of closing the office (or dining room) door when we finish for the evening. It doesn’t necessarily stop us talking about work-related stuff that’s on our minds, but once the laptops are turned off, at least we don’t actually do any more.

Perfection would be one of those lovely garden office rooms … I can dream.

*8-> day dreaming

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