Beyond the Home Office

Amroth, Looking West
07 Feb 2014

A change of scene. Every now and again we get a chance to go beyond the confines of our home office (or the dining room table in my case) to explore the world of property elsewhere, even if it is only a few miles down the road.

The Other Half has recently become one of the ‘men on the ground’ for Access 2 View, who had requested a trip to Saundersfoot, a few miles along the coast, to oversee a key handover. I went along on this trip as chauffeur, since David was not yet driving after last Sunday’s injury. Though I had a fair amount to get on with, I had little objection because it was a gorgeously bright and sunny morning after the recent stormy greys that we’ve had over here in the south west of the UK recently. It’s on days like this that we remember why we moved back to Wales.

Planning Ahead?

Despite going to the wrong address first, we finally found the right rental house in a lovely, quiet little cul-de-sac. In fact, it was so nice that it inspired us in a way that we had not considered. David and I are ‘folks of a certain age’ and we occasionally have the inevitable “Where will we live when we retire?” discussion. “Will we do this up and stay here,” we wonder, “or sell it on and move elsewhere?” We both rather liked this little patch of Saundersfoot that we had not explored before.

Traveling back along the coast road, I was curious to see the damage to the road in Amroth after it collapsed last month during the storms and high tide combination. Nasty. Work is in hand, though, as you can see.

Roadworks in Amroth following Road Collapse
07 Feb 2014
Roadworks in Amroth following road collapse

And finally … the view from the kitchen this morning. Nice to wake up to sun again.

Return of the Sun
07 Feb 2014
Return of the Sun

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