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Jayne Owen of Mozaique Property is a property investor in South Wales. With husband and property partner David, the other half of Mozaique Property - she has been involved in several property and business (ad)ventures over the past 20 or so years. They have worked on full renovations, light refurbishments, commercials, buy-to-let houses and flats, holiday lettings and student lets in a licensed house of multiple occupation (HMO). Jayne is an Accredited Landlord in Wales. As well as property, Jayne is a fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist with a particular interest in mental health, stress management and wellbeing.

There’s More to UK Property than London

One of the most useful newsletters that lands in my inbox regularly is Money Week’s Money Morning newsletter.* After reading it I feel more informed about the economy and investing, though not necessarily more upbeat. Much as I enjoy reading the writers’ comments, they are frequently a bear-ish bunch at the moment.

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Hello from Jayne and David (Mozaique Property)

Welcome to the Mozaique Property blog.

My name is Jayne Owen and I have been involved in UK property in some shape or form for – umm, well – rather a lot of years actually. Though I often still feel like a rookie, partly because I very much took a back seat when husband David (aka The Other Half) initiated our first steps in property; and partly because you can never know everything about anything.

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